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Meet The Chef: Eric Rivera

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Olympia, Washington, native Eric Rivera started his career in business. But cooking was always his passion, and he wasn’t afraid to hustle to get where he is today: breaking new ground as Executive Chef at Seattle’s Bookstore Bar & Café.

Eric, a graduate of the culinary school at the Art Institute of Seattle, traces cooking back to when he was a small child. Growing up in a Puerto Rican family that celebrated food, Eric often cooked with his grandfather. Despite his early connection with the kitchen, Eric pursued jobs in mortgage and insurance. But eventually he found himself drawn back to food.

Starting in the kitchen at Seastar in Seattle, Eric moved on to Blueacre Seafood, where he eventually became sous chef while still in school. When the opportunities at Alinea and Huxley Wallace Collective presented themselves, Eric seized them.

Now, in his new job at Bookstore Bar & Cafe, Eric plays to his guests’ sense of discovery. “It’s an exploration of the whole flavor spectrum, where you can go from sweet to savory to sour in one bite,” he says. “We have all these great local ingredients at our disposal, and we’ll be highlighting flavors of the Pacific Northwest – but in a way that will feel fresh and new to locals and visitors alike.”

When he's not cooking, Eric enjoys video games and playing with his dog.

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A Winter Respite

Keep gusty winds at bay with a warming dish of cod and lentils from The Bookstore Bar & Café's new chef, Eric Rivera.

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