Historic Seattle hotels include The Alexis Hotel, near Pike Place Market

Historic Seattle at The Alexis Hotel and Its Landmark Building

The Alexis Hotel is the definition of Seattle, past, future and definitely present. Our boutique downtown hotel is set in a landmark Seattle building that was as lively 100 years ago as it is today.

Built in 1901 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, our hotel's building housed the Alaska Gold Standard Mining offices and played a part in the Klondike Gold Rush - the most dramatic event in the history of the Pacific Northwest. The stampede of fortune seekers that came through Seattle on their way to the Klondike turned Seattle from a frontier port into a bustling city. Our building on First Avenue was at the center of the action then, just as it is today.

Seattle has always been characterized by an adventurous, cutting-edge spirit. From the Gold Rush to Microsoft, from Nirvana to glass artist Dale Chihuly, we like to test the boundaries and play with the edges - in art, music, technology and most of all in life.

The art of living flourishes at the Alexis, where we invite you to be adventurous, be inspired and discover what Seattle has in store for you.